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Undergraduate Studies Council

The Undergraduate Studies Council serves as a cross campus sounding board for the Dean of Undergraduate Studies, providing insight and recommendations on ways to enhance the undergraduate learning experience and support Undergraduate Studies initiatives and programs. In addition, members act as a liaison and advocacy group with other campus units and Undergraduate Studies' partners.

A subset of full time faculty on the USC form the Curriculum Review Committee that provides curricular oversight for Foundations for Learning (FFL) courses, new courses developed for learning communities and living-learning communities and for courses developed by the Residential College Programs (e.g. RCO courses). Upon the recommendation of the Curriculum Committee, the Dean of Undergraduate Studies will sign and forward course proposals to the Undergraduate Curriculum Committee.

The committee meets once monthly.

Committee Members

John Sopper, Chair Associate Dean, Undergraduate Studies 
Gabe Bermea Assistant Dean, Undergraduate Studies  
Dan Bibeau Department of Public Health Education 
Kristen Christman Director, Undergraduate Student Excellence 
Jeff Colbert Political Science 
Audrey Daniel Director, Office of Multicultural Affairs 
Geoff Bailey Associate Director, Student Success Center 
Denise Gabriel Theatre 
Vidya Gargeya Bryan School of Business and Economics 
Cathy Hamilton Director, Office of Leadership and Service Learning 
Tim Johnson Director, Office of Housing and Residence Life 
Larry Lavender Dance Department 
Patrick Madsen Career Services 
Brett Nolker Music 
Laura Pipe Director of Learning Communities 
Deb Taub Teacher Education and Higher Education 
Jerry Walsh Chemistry 
Pam Williamson School of Education 
TBA Director of Campus Recreation  
TBA Associate Director of Faculty Development, Faculty Teaching and Learning Commons  

Click Here to View the Curriculum Review Committee

2011 - 2012 Undergraduate Studies Council Meetings

Date Time Room Building Notes
February 27th 2:00 pm 140 McIver BuildingMeeting Minutes (PDF)
November 11th 2:00 pm 140 McIver BuildingMeeting Minutes (PDF)
October 14th 2:00 pm 140 McIver BuildingMeeting Minutes (PDF)
September 2nd 2:00 pm Willow EUC BuildingMeeting Minutes (PDF)

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