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Dean Steve Roberson

On behalf of the more than 50+ dedicated professionals who make UNCG's Undergraduate Studies (US) one of the best divisions of its type in the nation, I welcome you!

We are enthusiastically committed to our mission of fostering a learner-centered experience that will enhance academic success for nearly fifteen-thousand undergraduate Spartans. In coordination with colleagues throughout UNCG, including both faculty and staff, we have created a vital, challenging, and supportive community of learners. Here, students will find high quality and impactful comprehensive academic support, allowing learners to achieve their professional and personal goals.

US is also a leader in promoting integrative and collaborative learning, where students will find professors employing cutting-edge teaching approaches, ones that combine great expectations, mutual respect, and energy. More, we are guiding the transformation of this campus in its embrace of Learning Communities, bringing students, faculty, and staff together in small teams to pursue common academic interests.

We embrace the core values of this wonderful University, pledging our unyielding loyalty to exciting collaborations, ones that include the broadest array of learners. We promise transparency in all we do as we pursue the sustainability of social equity, the environment, the economy, and aesthetics. And, vitally, we proudly embrace our profound responsibility for ensuring the democratization of both access and success for all UNCG undergraduates.

US promises all this, and much more, as we are determined to be "outrageously ambitious," to quote former North Carolina Governor Terry Sanford. Among US, you will find 50+ friends and colleagues who dream big, who care deeply, and who want, above all, to ensure student success.

We hope you will all feel at home with US!

Steve Roberson, Ph.D.
Dean of Undergraduate Studies — UNCG