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Scanning Services

Test & Data Scanning


Test and data scanning drop off is now located in 121 McIver Building.


  • Scanning services are available 8am-5pm, Monday through Friday, on days when the University is open.
  • Exams are scanned on a first-come first-serve basis.
  • Tests will be scanned in 24-36 hours and instructors will be notified when the process has been completed.
  • During midterm and final exams, exams always have priority over course evaluations and data collection.


  • There is no charge for scanning for UNCG faculty and staff.
  • Departments can purchase scan sheets from us. The current price is $40 per package of 500 sheets.
  • Students may purchase individual sheets at the University Bookstore.


We use the red, five response, 200 item, NA3100-6 answer sheets . These are the ONLY forms that we scan for tests. Other forms are available for surveys. Please call us at (336) 334-3871 for more information.

Sample Scantron

Example Reports

Click Here to view examples of all the reports that are available.

Planning for Scoring of Tests

Optical scanning is an efficient and reliable method of scoring tests and collecting data. In order for us to provide the best possible service, it will be necessary for you to devote a little time at the beginning of each test or data collection period to procedural matter. Doing so will provide for faster and more accurate service.

Faculty members are asked to fill out a Report Selection Form when using our services for the first time to identify the types of reports they would like to receive. Once you are in our database, you will not have to specify which reports you would like. You can update or change the information on your Report Selection Form at any time. Click Here to view examples of all the reports that are available.

The test scanning program can provide an alphabetic listing displaying raw scores as well as means and standard deviations, and item analysis, and a frequency distribution. This information can be exported into an Excel compatible file. The scanners cannot mark incorrect responses on the scantron form itself.

Information to Give your Students at Each Testing Period

  • Enter names into the last and first name fields, at the beginning of the field. It is not necessary to darken a bubble for blank spaces at the end of any field. The name field is required.
  • The student identification number is NOT required. An instructor may choose to use this field as another form of identification in the reports. If one chooses to use this field any identification number will work. DO NOTInstruct students to use their Social Security Number.
  • Be sure to use a #2 pencil to record your answers. Ink will not be read.
  • Make sure all erased marks are complete.

Having Your Tests Scanned

  • In pen, write KEY at the top of the form, along with your name, department, and course information.
  • If you have any other information pertaining to the test, such as extra credit, more than one possible answer, ignoring a question, etc. please put that information on the top of the answer key as well. If you can't fit additional information on the key, you may put that information on another sheet of paper and paper clip it to the key.
  • If anyone other than yourself is to have access to the reports (TA or GA), please make this known on the Report Request Form – you can include their email on this form as well, please remember that these students usually change from semester to semester and if you do not update this information with us, they will continue to receive the grade reports – this is why we recommend you do not have your TA or GA as the only contact.
  • Please make sure all the tests are turned and facing the same direction.

Posting Grades

NOTE: Please do not post grades on a website or in a physical location accessible to other students (door, wall, note board). You CAN enter grades in the Blackboard course management software where students will only see their own grades. See FERPA Guidelines on Release of Grades and GPA Information for more information regarding this policy.